Call Her

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Drawn/Printed January 28, 1987.

I loved using words as the background. It offered me a bit of a headline as well as a simpler background than drawing a room or other space.

added 25 March 2012, scanned from original art

Beware Of Dog

Drawn September 7, 1985. Printed October 28, 1985.

I’m pretty sure the background texture was a rubbing of the speakers on my boom box.

The bulldog was drawn from a ‘how to draw cartoons’ book – it featured the standard Bugs Bunny style drawn dog.

added 14 June 2011

Believe It Or Not

I drew two strips a week during this time. The drawn date (which should have been the print date) was September 10, but they ran it a week early.

Drawn for September 10, 1085. Printed August 26, 1985.
added 14 June 2011

Happiness Is…

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Drawn September 8, 1985. Published October 21, 1985

This is one of my favorite strips I’ve uploaded so far. While the jokes I had were never the best I was proud of the technical style and approach to the strips.

I like the updated GORGE logo too… And, I’ve got a new way to sign my name…

This strip has a great mix of black, grey, and white.
added 14 June 2011

At The Coop & At The Deli

I’m pretty sure these were two different strips. There are two title squares.

You’ll notice the guy at the deli. This was one of the only other people characters I drew. You’ll see this same looking guy when I add “Super Dude.”

Drawn January 20, 1985, Printed January 28, 1985
added 13 June 2011

Report Card

Drawn November 2, 1984, Printed January 21, 1985.

This strip ran the same day as The Lab Mice. It was printed to the right.

added 13 June 2011

The Lab Mice

Drawn January 14, 1985, Printed January 21, 1985
added 13 June 2011

Acme Watch

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Printed November 4, 1984

This strip is interesting because it is one of the earliest that has Rudy the Rabbit. I’ve switched to all capital letters.

The background texture was created by rubbing crayon against a sandy background.

I decided not to crop out the KIDS STUFF header. This is where GORGE was featured.

added 14 June 2011