A Real Cat Tail

This strip is drawn from truth. My aunt (mom’s sister) had a cat that was a mess. It was peeing all over my grandmother’s house, scratching up the furniture… General neglected cat behavior. My grandfather took the cat for a ride to a farm in the country. I believe it was more than 20 miles away.

Three months later the cat was at Gram’s door, skinny and meowing. It had found its way home.
Drawn: April 23, 1984, Ran June 25, 1984
added 13 July 2011


Drawn March 15, 1984

Senora Thompson was a great Spanish teacher. We had a lot of fun in that class in high school.

added 14 June 2011

Special Delivery

Drawn March 11, 1984

My grandfather gave me his stamp collection, which I still have today. The reference to “first day covers” is what they issue the day a new stamp comes out. (As if I wasn’t dorky enough at 15… I also had a stamp collecting!)

added 14 June 2011