Report Card

Drawn November 2, 1984, Printed January 21, 1985.

This strip ran the same day as The Lab Mice. It was printed to the right.

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Acme Watch

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Printed November 4, 1984

This strip is interesting because it is one of the earliest that has Rudy the Rabbit. I’ve switched to all capital letters.

The background texture was created by rubbing crayon against a sandy background.

I decided not to crop out the KIDS STUFF header. This is where GORGE was featured.

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A Real Cat Tail

This strip is drawn from truth. My aunt (mom’s sister) had a cat that was a mess. It was peeing all over my grandmother’s house, scratching up the furniture… General neglected cat behavior. My grandfather took the cat for a ride to a farm in the country. I believe it was more than 20 miles away.

Three months later the cat was at Gram’s door, skinny and meowing. It had found its way home.
Drawn: April 23, 1984, Ran June 25, 1984
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Drawn March 15, 1984

Senora Thompson was a great Spanish teacher. We had a lot of fun in that class in high school.

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