The star of the strip. Originally, GORGE was going to have a hearty appetite… always gorging himself on food. That plotline quickly went away… GORGE spent most of his time trying to get girls to notice and/or like him.

Rudy the Rabbit
Rudy the Rabbit – Named after the character in the Bill Murray movie “Meatballs.” Rudy was a kid character in the movie and Bill’s character was encouraging Rudy to run fast by chanting “Rudy the rabbit! Rudy the rabbit!” Rudy was GORGE’s sidekick for quite a few strips. Although, Rudy was always snarky and mean toward GORGE.

Myrph – Myrph is a big round bear. He didn’t have that many clear personality traits… At least not that I can think of right now. But he was more kind to GORGE than the others.

Super Dude
Super Dude – A super hero character that always botched things up. He was super dud more than super dude…

Mitch – Mitch was originally drawn by my high school friend Jim Stotts. Actually… I don’t recall if he created Mitch… but Jim drew him within a series of strips. It was fun to have someone help… but I think we ended up arguing and eventually I started to draw him again on my own.


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